Ami Sol -  ‘Friendly Sun’ . . . A Name With Personality

Being a culturally diverse company, we were quite deliberate when we chose Ami Sol as our name. Ami means ‘friend’ in French and Sol means ‘sun’ in Spanish.

We would like our name to convey three things

1.    The sun is our friend, NOT our enemy.
 We need it for our survival. We are here to help our little angels to enjoy and receive the sun’s benefits. One major benefit is that the sun produces vitamin D which is essential for our health. After decades of slathering ourselves with chemical sunscreens, vitamin D deficiency is now widespread. With proper, all-natural protection, this source of deficiency is unnecessary.

2.    Optimal sun-protection can be completely natural.
Providing your little adventurers with quality, all-natural protective clothing is the best way to protect them from harmful rays. Our commitment is to protect their sensitive skin from toxins, whether they come in the form of synthetic clothing or chemical-based sunscreen lotions and sprays. (See below the the shocking discoveries I uncovered during my research.) 

3.    Sun-protective children’s clothing can be stylish and a wagonload of fun.
Our clothing line offers colors and designs that are current and appealing to a range of children’s personalities and interests. Choose the Ami Sol brand and watch how proudly your children will show off their new shirts.

Going Green Means No Added Chemicals On Our Fabrics!

Whether you have noticed or not, it is common to experience chemical odors wafting through the air of a clothing store. Most new clothing is laden with chemicals. Have you sometimes wondered why the instructions say to wash before wearing? Those fabrics may be loaded with formaldehyde to keep them from wrinkling or staining. Commercially available sun-protective clothing derives its sun protection from chemical treatment or synthetic fabrics. We want none of that for our children so we searched far and wide for fabrics that are natural, organic and chemical-free. 

Our cottons are high-quality, long-wearing, densely woven materials which are rated at SPF 50 without any additives whatsoever.

Sunscreens vs. Sun-Protective Apparel

For our children’s highly sensitive skin, sun-protective apparel is by far the best choice. Commercially available sunscreens are loaded with toxic chemicals that can cause skin rashes on children, and are being linked to more potentially dangerous, long-term effects to overall health.
Please read our information about sunscreens, chemicals, and what you need to know about the latest nanotechnology on fabrics and nanotechnology on sunscreens.

We passionately encourage the use of a natural product if you want to protect exposed areas. Our research continues to lead us to products that meet our high purity standards. We are also actively seeking to expand our line with other products like hats and sunglasses for little ones, so we encourage you to come back often and see what’s new at Ami Sol.

We Want Children To Be Just That, Children

At Ami Sol we want children to be free to have fun in the sun. At the same time we want to protect them and keep them healthy. I have wonderful memories of my own childhood in South America, playing and running around outside and at the beach, blissfully unaware that anything could hurt me.  My parents were always there to make sure we were protected from the intensity of the sun. The values and habits they instilled in me have been essential in keeping my skin healthy.  Now I’m passing along those same values and habits to my children and hopefully to your children.

Embrace the sun safely and chemical free! ™