Unique Organic Sun Protective Clothing
Our Fabrics meet or exceed the criteria established by the Australia/New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 4399. Third party tested, certified. Read below.

Our Fabrics Are Super Soft!

The softest tees you would ever find! Voted by our customers! Our fabrics are as soft as cotton balls, even after washing! Our tees are so comfortable for children and babies to wear,
perfect for those looooong hours of constant, never-ending play.

Plus.....Other Great Advantages of Our Unique Sun Protective Clothing .....

• It’s free of harsh unknown chemicals that are so often added to fabrics. This provides both maximum safety and sun protection. Please read Chemicals on Clothing for more information.

• We offer Organic Cotton Fabrics as a wonderful option for parents to protect their children all the way around.

They’re stylish! They’re unique! Our designs are exclusively ours, with happy colors picked with happy children in mind.

We Pay Attention to the Details, Big and Small

Exquisite embroidery and delightful details in our designs set us apart. We designed our clothes meaningfully and attentively, and we express the meaning with a unique name given to each tee. These are tees with personality! There’s one for everyone, from the little soccer lover to the little sleeping beauty.

If you are looking for a refreshing design and quality construction, you have come to the right place! We certainly are glad you found us. Get back to basics with our simple, safe clothes!

Our Commitment to Our Most Precious Customers, Your Children

We did our homework, our market research, thoroughly and well because we feel it is our duty to bring a safe product to market. We tested our fabrics and examined them for quality control. The effectiveness of the clothing’s sun protection was tested by third party experts in the field.

Our fabrics and prints are in compliance with the new Consumer Protection Laws for lead content, meaning they passed. It violates our ethics and beliefs to add extra chemicals on our fabrics. Why? Because as we have expressed throughout our entire site, we are quite frankly tired of living in a chemical ridden word. It’s as simple as that!

TIP Encourage your children to play outside. Enjoying the great outdoors as they grow and explore, it is crucial for their development. Have them Embrace the sun safely with the right protection that fits your family lifestyle. Please read our seasonal sun burn prevention and our exclusive sun pyramid UV index easy guide page to check the UV index in your area.