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We want to make a difference… One seedling at a time.

We Care About Your Kids

If you’ve been reading about us and about our brand, you know how much we care about having your children protected from harmful sun-rays in a totally organic, natural way. Our caring goes even further than that.  We want your kids to be as safe as possible from as many unnecessary dangers. That’s why we chose inks that comply with the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) for lead content – certified by CPSIA-authorized labs. Our fabrics are also in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for flammability.

Be confident that we stand firm in our conviction to offer you high quality products that have been researched and tested to ensure your children’s safety and pleasure.

We Care About Mother Earth

That’s why we at Ami Sol blend tremendous thought and creativity toward reducing consumption, re-using and recycling. Instead of using plastic packaging, you’ll find our products packed in re-usable cotton bags. We’re sure that you will find numerous ways to put our bags to good use in your home, yard and various activities.  Our garment tags will serve as bookmarks to be used over and over again, and perhaps a gentle nudge to instill an enjoyment of reading in your children. And perhaps the perfect excuse to spend less time watching TV and with computer games!

The average paper consumption per American adds up to 7 trees per year. When you do the math on that, it’s an astounding number of trees cut down annually. We do not want to contribute to that kind of consumption of our natural resources, which is the reason we do not offer paper gift-wrapping. We hope you will enjoy our reusable cotton bags well beyond your purchases. 

We are also making our best effort to minimize printed material. To this end, our online e-store is the optimal way to showcase our products versus a printed catalog. Occasionally we do print an advertisement. Be assured that we do our best to utilize paper with recycled components and creative ways to re-use materials.  This beautiful planet is our home.

Please join us in making sure that we can pass on a sustainable home to our children, their children, and all generations to come.

We Care About You – Our Esteemed Customers

That’s why we are committed to the highest level of customer service. Your satisfaction is important to us. If we do not meet your expectations, we want to hear from you. Your input will support our dedication to continuously improve our offerings. We are also eager to hear from you with suggestions of products you would like to see us add to our collection.

Know that we are actively sourcing other sun-protective items like sunglasses, and natural/safe sunscreens that meet our high standards for purity and effectiveness. We invite you to come back often to see what’s new at Ami Sol.